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You expect cravings when you’re pregnant, right?  And while I’ve never craved anything bizarre, to the best of my knowledge–specific, yes, but not particularly bizarre–I’ve certainly sent my husband out for treats that sounded particularly amazing on more than one occasion.  The interesting thing about my recently completed pregnancy was that I randomly wanted things that were, in general, fairly good for me.  It was all about whole grains–cheap white hamburger buns made me shudder, and I’m usually not that picky–and sweets had almost no appeal for the first several months.  Granted, I couldn’t handle the thought of cooking raw chicken for most of it–we ate a lot of beef, supplemented with re-purposed rotisserie chickens from Costco–but overall, what I wanted was often not a bad choice.

NOW, on the other hand…

Here’s the thing.  I haven’t gotten back to exercising yet, because I still feel like I’m drowning in tasks that are screaming for my attention.  I have a high metabolism, yes, but I’m not nursing.  Why, then, am I starving by 8 or 9 at night?  I’m still cooking meals that aren’t desperately unhealthy.  I eat impressive quantities of said meals.  Is the getting up at night, even for bottle feeding, contributing?  Because I am STARVING in the evenings! And sadly, no longer for whole wheat bread or veggies or hard-boiled eggs.  I want salty, caloric goodness, and I want it NOW.

Anyway.  It seems unfair, to say the least.  Anybody have any suggestions for curbing this madness?  Because I’d like to keep losing, not start gaining.  I don’t have the money to buy a whole new wardrobe.

Just sayin’.

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