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There Goes the Mascara

Remember how my oldest has been going through the ‘Sarah, Plain and Tall’ series–and I’ve been going through them myself before returning them to the library?  Well, SHE finished Grandfather’s Dance several days ago, and today I finally got around to going through it myself.

Oh, My.

Patricia MacLachlan writes beautiful books, and this one didn’t disappoint; in it, Anna (the narrator of the first book, if my memory serves) is getting married, and Sarah’s family comes from Maine for the occasion.  I, too, lived far away from my extended family growing up, and I could relate exactly to Cassie (the narrator) as she reveled in their visit.  That might have been enough to draw tears from me, really–I remember having to say goodbye when family left–but I am also the mother of a small boy who has a special relationship with his grandfather, and it was that part of the story that pushed me over the edge.  I shan’t spoil the story for you.  Let’s just say that I cried, but I’m glad I read it.  (For the record, I also laughed out loud.)  It was a worthy end to a lovely series of books, folks.  If you’ve read some but not all, I suggest you remedy that immediately.

Grandfather’s Dance (Sarah, Plain and Tall)

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