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Really? No One But Me?

I was looking for a breakfast recipe last weekend, since the girlies and I really prefer homemade breakfasts on Saturday mornings whenever possible, and I opted to try these Baked Oatmeal Trailside Treat Bars.  What’s not to love about chocolate-y oatmeal goodness, right?  And while the initial preparation took some time, once it was in the oven, I didn’t have to worry about it, which was nice.  When it came out, I put pieces in bowls, added some milk, and we went to town.

Sort of.

My oldest said she liked it.  My middle was non-committal (I’m amused by that unintentional rhyme, by the way).  And my son, well…he’s two.  I had to feed it to him, but he ate it willingly, so make of that what you will.  By the time I was done feeding the boy, though, my middle had committed (tee hee!) and was NOT a fan, and my oldest had decided that by liking it, what she really meant was that she’d eat it this once but had no interest in the leftovers.

Did I mention that we had 3/4 of a 9 by 13 pan left over?

The funny thing, though, is that I haven’t minded eating the leftovers.  I think it’s tasty!  The only change I made was to substitute Craisins for raisins, because I really prefer Craisins; oh, and I may have been too hasty putting the chocolate chips on top, realized how poorly distributed they were, and added some extras to make up for it.  (Oddly enough, though, it’s almost too much.  I would stick to the recipe amount and just be more careful about spreading them evenly next time.)  The texture is a little interesting–a bar with the texture of cooked oatmeal–but I heat up a decent-sized square, add milk, and go at it.  I’m not sure why my kids aren’t fans, other than they haven’t liked rice pudding or other texturally similar things.  They aren’t, however, while I have willingly eaten over half of the pan myself by now.

I’ll let you decide where to go from here.

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