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Easy and Delicious

Which, let me tell you what, is EXACTLY what I need right now in the recipe department.  I think this version of Pasta e Fagioli Soup actually caught my eye a few weeks ago; it’s been kind of a crazy few weeks,  however, which is why it took me until last Wednesday to actually make it for dinner.  I have to say, though–it was totally worth the wait.  I wouldn’t have thought such a simple recipe could be so flavorful and lovely, but I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed it.  All of my kids ate it without complaint (which is incredibly impressive).  And all I did to finish off dinner was to pull a loaf of homemade bread out of the freezer!

I didn’t even make significant changes to the recipe (wonder of wonders!).  I substituted small white beans for the canellini beans, true, but that was a practical decision–your basic Utah grocery store doesn’t always stock canellini beans.  And I used canned Parmesan instead of fresh, but that’s only because it was dance night and I was fresh out of time.  I LOVED the fresh parsley on top, and I was generous with mine, but I’m the only one who misses it if it’s not there, so I didn’t bother putting it on the other bowls (again, no time).  I may also have used an extra strip of bacon, but really, who doesn’t want an extra strip of bacon?  (Other than my friend Andrea, that is, because she doesn’t.)  With those minor exceptions, friends, I followed the recipe and adored the result.  My only warning is that the pasta in the soup does what pasta in soup does best–that is, continue to absorb liquid until the leftovers are more of a goulash-style dish and less, well, soupy.  Since that didn’t affect the taste, I wasn’t bothered.

Seriously though, folks.  Add this one to your dinner rotation today!

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