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Being Grateful

It’s been a rough week this week, with both the kids and me adjusting to school again after two weeks of vacation.  (No, I’m not in school.  I just had a two-week break from getting up and making sure the kids get ready for school, as well as making sure the girlies get their homework done in spite of a two-year-old brother who wants to be part of the process in decidedly unhelpful ways.)  Being almost 8 months pregnant means that I get frustrated easily at the end of the day; despite the frustration, however, good things also happened today, and so I’m going to highlight them instead.  Why only focus on gratitude in November?

1)All of the kids ate dinner willingly.   (This always makes your day better.)

2)My oldest, for the first time I can think of, was willing to try a suggestion I made to her when she was frustrated with her piano practicing.  She found that it actually helped, and her practicing ended on a positive note.  This is a truly wonderful thing.

3)The kids ran and enjoyed being outside today, both the girls on the walk to school and all the kids on the walk to piano lessons.

4)I put frozen meat into the crockpot at 2:30 and hoped for the best, and it really got about perfectly done.  This does not always happen.

5)My son may have decided that he actually likes clementines (he certainly stole half of mine).  If this isn’t just a passing thing, it will make winter lunch options SO much easier.

And there you have it.  I have many, many other things for which to be grateful, but when kids are not their best at bedtime, it can be helpful to remind myself that we absolutely had good moments today.  Here’s to more good moments tomorrow!

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