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Sensible or Lazy–You Be the Judge

I was in charge of a green vegetable for Thanksgiving with my in-laws this year, and while I contemplated a few different options, I settled, in the end, for an easier version of these Bacon-Wrapped Green Bean Bundles from ‘Our Best Bites.’  I also happen to think that it’s a better version, you understand; I’m all about bacon and green beans together, but I’ve never had bacon that was used to wrap something be crisp enough to be completely appealing.  To be fair, I didn’t try this particular recipe as is, but still.  Instead of making actual green bean bundles with fresh green beans–which sure aren’t affordable for much of the year–I cook up frozen green beans according to directions, dice and cook the bacon until crispy, and then follow the directions for the butter/sugar/rice vinegar/red onion/garlic sauce.   That just leaves me to drain the green beans and the bacon and combine the ingredients, and I’m done.  And it’s delicious.  (I may or may not have drunk a bit of the leftover sauce.)

I’d like to wax a bit more poetic about them, to be honest–they really are lovely–but I’m literally falling asleep at my keyboard.  Bidding you all a good night seems the wiser option, right?

Good night…

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