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Really, that’s all there was to say on Friday night, especially because BYU’s rising star of a quarterback broke his leg and is (I assume) out for the season.  Which meant that we lost at home to a team that, well, we haven’t lost to in a while.  The bright spot of the evening, then, was definitely Mel’s Caramel Pear Crisp, which both used up some of my Costco Bartlett pears (they always seem to come ripe all at once) and sated some of my fall dessert cravings.  I made the caramel sauce before dinner, and I used half evaporated milk in it–but ONLY because I had half of the cream that I needed and couldn’t deal with dragging all of the kids to the store just to get more.  The rest of the recipe I followed…well, unless you count letting it sit for 30 minutes after it came out of the oven.  I didn’t even get it in the oven until well after the kiddos were in bed, and with the lateness of the hour and how heavenly it smelled, THAT sure wasn’t going to happen.  I’m sure it would have held its shape more had I waited, but really, who cares about that?  (Okay, pretty much everyone on the Food Network does, but this was my hubby and me.  We don’t.)  I plopped some vanilla bean ice cream on top and went to town.

And OH, it was heavenly.  I generally prefer apple crisp, and I haven’t lost any of the love I feel in that direction, but this was lovely and delicious and delightful and more.  I still want to weep knowing that it’s gone (the girls and I may or may not have finished it off for breakfast the next day. The boy may or may not have contrarily screamed when it was offered to him–seriously, who screams at DESSERT FOR BREAKFAST?–and so I may or may not have taken one for the team and eaten his portion, too.).   Then again, I am going to Costco tomorrow.

Maybe I’ll buy pears.

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