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A Proud Mommy Moment

Today I grabbed a precious few minutes alone with my second grader while Daddy and the littles were out in back; she had mentioned earlier that a girl in her class named ‘Callie’ is her best friend now.  I asked her why, and she considered.  (She always considers before answering questions–even questions like ‘what kind of go-gurt would you like?’–and she rarely considers quickly.  I’d be more frustrated if I weren’t the same way.) “Well, her mom told her that she needed to make one friend, even though she mostly likes to play by herself.  She asked me if I would be her friend.  And I like her, and we have fun doing things together, so I just decided that she’s my best friend.”

Is it just me, or is that a fabulous story?  Kudos to the girl who had the guts to ask someone to be her friend–I certainly didn’t have that variety of courage in school–and kudos to my daughter for responding in such a positive way.  What a lovely story to hear on the second day of school!


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