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Dear Costco: That Was Below the Belt

I wasn’t actually trying to hit the optimal sample time at Costco today, but I suppose by the time I got home from the doctor’s office and pharmacy, tidied and sat for a minute, and then rallied the troops, it was later than I thought.  And at first it was a pleasant surprise; we needed bread anyway, so we chose two of the four varieties they were sampling (all the same brand), and it’s always fun to try the Vitamix smoothie-of-the-moment.  The Creamies were a lovely treat, the hummus always enjoyable (unless you’re my two youngest, who were kindly given plain chips), and OH, the copper kettle Parmesan!  (If only, if only, the woodpecker sighed…).  The boy, of course, especially enjoyed the pulled chicken.  (He’s my carnivore.)  We all love trying different things at Costco (even if there’s usually at least one tree-nut containing sample that only Mommy gets), and I especially love the chance to try things before I buy, you know, a Costco-sized quantity of them.  I’ve always figured that’s why they sample so much–it takes some of the risk out of shopping, right?

Anyway, like I said, it was later than I thought (read:  closer to lunchtime), and while I was trying to be sensible–I really was!–I got sucker-punched by the Danishes.  I’ve split a package of cheese Danishes before (there are many advantages in making a trip to Costco a social event with a friend), but today the combo tray, with the two cheeses and the assorted fruits, reached out and grabbed me.

And wouldn’t let go.

So there we were, a tray of Danishes in the cart, heading toward the registers, when we see another sample stand.

Of Oreos.

I know, I know, this should be a good thing, right?  But I already caved on the Danishes, and I just wanted to PAY AND LEAVE, and did I mention that my barely two-year-old was wearing a WHITE SHIRT?  And so I felt unreasonably bitter.  Because after all, I like the samples because I can try things I’ve never tried before.  I would purchase the contents of the Costco cart of anyone in that store who had never tasted an Oreo.  And so I say to Costco–that was below the belt.

Yes, I know it’s a marketing strategy.  Yes, I can imagine it’s quite successful.  And yes, I support a company’s right to employ such a strategy–I worked retail, and I know they’re trying to make their living.  But still.  My hubby doesn’t even like most of the fruits represented on that Danish tray, and you had to sample the Oreos?

The inhumanity.

(Item:  I did resist the Oreos.  I’m eating Danishes as I write this.  And next on my list is laundry, which will probably involve spotting my two-year-old’s white shirt.)

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