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A Hit!

As of this morning, I was still undecided about what to make for dinner tonight, but that turned out to be a good thing; we went to a lunch at my friend Andrea’s house, and when we came home, my hubby and I were so stuffed that we really couldn’t think about dinner.  I opened up my Pinterest ‘Bread’ board, thinking that breakfast for dinner was a perfect way to end the day, and I saw these Rhubarb Muffins.

Now, I don’t have anywhere close to the amazing rhubarb crop that Mel has–did you see the picture? the wagon FULL of it?–but I do have a lone rhubarb plant in my backyard.  It’s not red rhubarb, which I would kind of prefer, but it’s rhubarb.  I decided that I need look no further for dinner tonight…and then I remembered why I haven’t made these already.

Coconut oil.

I don’t have any.

At this point, however, I really didn’t want to have to come up with another dinner idea, so I decided to forge ahead.  After all, the muffins themselves say ‘or vegetable oil,’ so I was safe there, and as for the streusel, well…let’s just say that I didn’t think anyone would complain if I used butter instead.  (For the record?  No one did.)  I followed the recipe otherwise, although I found I only got about 18 muffins out of it.  They rose impressively, so that was fine, but I would fill one pan of 12 before deciding whether to try to fill a second one or use a 6 instead.  There would be enough streusel for another full dozen, though.

The verdict was fairly unanimous; the girls and I all loved them.  (My hubby didn’t end up eating with us, and the boy was having diaper  issues–his opinion can’t be accurately gauged.)  The one thing I did regret was the coconut oil.  I’ve been told that there are two kinds; one that flavors your recipe like coconut, and one that doesn’t.  Since there was no other spice in the muffin itself (just the streusel), I would have enjoyed some coconut flavor.  I actually added a little bit of coconut extract to the streusel, and that was rather lovely.  If I try them again before I get my hands on some coconut oil, I’ll probably throw a bit of cinnamon in the batter, just for flavor.  All in all, however, we did quite enjoy them the way they were.


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