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Easy and Delicious

That’s exactly what Mel’s Honey Mustard Chicken is.  And if all of your family happens to like mashed potatoes, it should be a crowd-pleaser.  (I believe we’ve discussed how this is not so much the case at my house; at least my oldest was happy.)  The chicken is moist and tender–even if you are, ahem, too lazy to actually baste–and the sauce is buttery and honey-y and has that lovely bit of tang from the mustard.  Just a bit, though–my kids aren’t mustard fans, and none of them have problems with the chicken.  (They also scarfed the broccoli on the side.)  You can serve this with rice as well, but I like the potatoes, even if the younger ones don’t.  The sauce isn’t the healthiest in the world, what with the third of a cup of butter and all, but it’s SO tasty.  Go give this one a try–you’ll be glad you did!

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