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What This Mormon Girl Has to Say

I understand that the founder of the ‘Ordain Women’ group is now facing a (church) disciplinary hearing for her actions; I also understand that she “hopes to remain in the church,” according to ksl.com (our local news station).  I have two questions for her.

1)Why are you surprised?

2)Why do you hope to remain in the church?

I honestly don’t understand the thought process involved here.  Her “activist” behavior demonstrates very clearly that she no longer believes in what our faith teaches about revelation. (We believe that only the prophet can receive revelation for the entire church.  Parents can receive revelation for their immediate families, and bishops can receive revelations for their congregations, because in each case they are responsible for all of the people involved.  The prophet can receive revelation for our entire church, because he is the only one on earth responsible for our entire church.  That, we believe, is the Lord’s way of doing things, and it makes perfect sense to me.  I believe the Lord communicates to my husband and me about our family, and to Thomas S. Monson about our church.)  It also demonstrates that she does not believe our church’s doctrine about how the priesthood works.  (It is erroneous to believe that men have it and women have no part in it, by the way.  Our responsibilities and roles just happen to be different.)

Now, I have no problem with people not believing what I believe.  I have no problem with people disagreeing with points of doctrine.  One of the articles of our faith is that “We claim the privilege of worshiping the Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege; let them worship how, where, or what they may.”  I grew up with some devout Catholic friends, and I have the greatest respect for their convictions.  I do disagree with certain doctrines of the Catholic church, however, and that is why I CHOOSE NOT TO BE CATHOLIC.  If I had been born Catholic but came to the same conclusions about religion that I have reached in my own faith, I would have chosen to leave the Catholic church and seek a faith that matched my beliefs.  I would NOT have tried to force the Pope to change the Catholic faith for me.  Why should I?  It would be my choice not to believe.  Why would I try to force a church to change to fit my own beliefs? Why would I try to remain a part of a group with which I no longer agree?

I don’t understand why Kate Kelly is surprised that she is facing disciplinary action; she is actively teaching opposing doctrine.  How can a church not take action?  Would a principal allow a teacher in his or her school to actively preach against his or her authority?  ‘A house divided against itself cannot stand.’  Ultimately, the leader of a household must ask those who are acting in opposition to the rules of the household to live elsewhere.

I am further baffled by her ‘hope to remain in the church.’  Why not start her own?  Or join another?  Why fight to stay part of an organization that you no longer support?  Our country is kinder to dissidents than many.  Why choose to be one but seek not to be identified as one?

I have a real testimony of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  It is my faith, and I believe in it and choose to live it.  I am, frankly, appalled that someone completely outside the Lord’s chain of command seeks to directly change my faith and my responsibilities in it.

Why would anyone do that?  For the life of me, I can’t see that it makes any sense at all.

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