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Another Crockpot Standby

This will be quick, because it somehow got WAY later than I intended it to be, but I just realized I haven’t shared this recipe for Crock Pot Teriyaki Chicken.  And I should.  Because it’s easy the way it is, and it divides by 3 beautifully, meaning, of course, that you can make 1/3 or 2/3 of the recipe if you so desire, with NO ugly math.  (I’m not saying all math is ugly.  I’m just saying that no one wants to divide, say, one egg into thirds.)  It also uses thighs, which I rather like for the crockpot.  They stay moist and tender nicely, even if they’re in for quite a while; breasts don’t always.  And the individually frozen boneless skinless thighs at Costco are fabulous, although I do always trim what visible fat I can.  You can put them on low or high, adjusting the cooking time accordingly, and they will turn out well.  (I should point out, to be fair, that my hubby has issues with baked thighs, but never minds them in the crockpot.)

So go ahead.  Stick this in your crockpot with some rice in your rice cooker, steam up some peas or broccoli on the side, and you’ve got a peach of an easy dinner.

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  • So glad that you liked this. It is a perfect busy family meal. Thanks for the link back.