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Cleaning Out the Fridge

Sometime last week I cooked up some thin spaghetti to go with some leftover Cowboy Spaghetti sauce, and while the sauce got used up, I then had a bunch of leftover cooked spaghetti with no sauce to go with it.  (And it’s not that I don’t totally appreciate the appeal of just covering it with Parmesan and going to town, but there was a rather large serving.)  Today I exercised during the morning, instead of the boy’s nap, and so I found myself with enough time during the afternoon to try a recipe that claimed to be for Lo Mein, although it doesn’t seem right to call it that with only green onions and garlic for the veggies.  (Technically, it claimed to be Lo Mien, but that’s a whole different issue.)  It was super easy, even if only a few of the ingredients had actual measurements, and when my friend Britt and I sat down to try it, we found it to be–okay.  And then, since we both figured it would be better with some sweetness, I tossed in a soup spoon full of brown sugar.  After that it was more than okay; I wouldn’t ever make it without the sugar again, especially since it seemed slightly salty even with low sodium soy sauce.  (To be fair, I did leave out the sesame seeds, since she doesn’t care for them, but I think I liked it better without.)

Anyway.  If you have leftover spaghetti noodles, give this one a try–as is, if you want the seeds and the pure saltiness, or as we made it, if you’re as fond of sweet/savory as I am.  Now the noodles are gone, the container is out of my fridge, and absolutely nothing was wasted!  I call that a win!

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