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Stop the Presses!

I tried this recipe for Black Beans and Sausage tonight, and you will NEVER GUESS which of the kiddos ate it best.

Yup.  The middle.  I almost died.

The sad thing is, both my hubby and I quite enjoyed it.  The smoky flavor of the sausage, the fresh accent of the parsley, the slight creaminess of the yogurt (I was leery of the plain yogurt, so I experimented with both that and sour cream, but I actually liked the yogurt better!)…it was all very nice.  I would totally make it again.  My oldest’s problem seemed to be the shallots, but that wasn’t too surprising; I sliced, instead of dicing, and the rings were very noticeable to someone who struggles with onions.  The boy, predictably, picked out the sausage.  (I think he tried a bite or two of beans, but got a straight shallot and gave up from there.)  The middle, on the other hand, really liked the sausage, and when I reminded her that if she had beans with every bite, it would all taste like the sausage–more or less–she complied surprisingly well.

I will probably make it again–I enjoyed it that much–although I’m tempted to experiment with a third can of beans and appropriately increase the seasonings.  (It felt like plenty of meat because I always cut smoked sausages into small pieces for the kiddos…and because I like to have some in every bite, instead of a few big pieces floating around.)  I might be happy just one and a halving everything but the sausage, come to think of it.

Anyway.  If you need a fast and easy dinner, serve this with some bread and a fruit or veggie on the side (tonight’s pick was watermelon).  It’s tasty!

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