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A Cautious Thumbs Up

I had the last of a package of strawberries left in the refrigerator (no longer pristine enough for just eating as is), and I was looking for a dessert that looked tasty but not insanely labor-intensive–I’ve got houseguests, you understand–so I opted for this Strawberry Cobbler.  And I have to say, it was pretty good.  A little weird, maybe…hot whole strawberries and a slightly interesting texture…but it was kind of fabulous with vanilla ice cream on top.  Oh, the cream cheesy goodness!  It was pretty rich, but I think the idea of the richness bothered me more than the reality.  Knowing that my 9 by 13 pan was already holding a stick of butter and half a package of cream cheese made me feel a little guilty about using enough ice cream for the optimum hot/cold ratio.

(By the way, this isn’t just me, right?  And my brother (because I know we’ve had this conversation)?  If you are eating something hot with something cold on top–pie, brownies, cobbler, whatever–you have to have the right ratio of hot to cold.  Each bite should have hot gooey goodness and cold beautiful creaminess all mixed up together.  It’s how life should be.)

My mother wanted it to be more tart, and my son was either full from dinner or not a fan, but everyone else seemed to enjoy it.  I would probably let it cool a bit before serving; still warm but no longer at all hot would be optimal, I think.  It’s probably not for the lactose intolerant, but if you love strawberry cheesecake in all its incarnations, you should probably give this one a try!

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