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Well, THAT Was Unexpected!

I have been drooling over the idea of these Snickerdoodle Pancakes for months, so when I was looking for a good holiday breakfast this morning, I was psyched that I had all the ingredients and I could try them out.  Lovely, warm, rich cinnamon goodness, right?  How could I go wrong?

And then I tried them.  And when I said to my girlies, “Huh.  I don’t actually love these,” they tried them and responded with a double dose of “I see what you mean, Mom.”  They each ate two and were done, which is unusual for pancakes.  The boy, on the other hand, went to TOWN.  I’m not sure if he was especially hungry or if he just really, really loved them, but I lost count of how many he ate.  I think he was the only fan, though, so I’m afraid it was an experience never to be repeated!

The problem, I think, was that the cream of tartar and the thickness of the sour cream–or the sour cream/plain yogurt mix, which is what I used–made them SO thick and fluffy that it was exceptionally difficult to get them completely done inside.  And of course, unless you can get that mixture completely done inside, your pancakes will taste like sour cream (or plain yogurt and sour cream combined).  I never got them done enough to taste good, and I tried.  I was further underwhelmed by the glaze…a syrup would have been so much better.  You should make your own decision, of course, but I sure won’t be making them again!

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