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“Of All Sad Words of Tongue or Pen…”

Truly, ‘the saddest are these:  it might have been’!  That pretty much sums up last night’s dinner, folks; I thought of Whittier’s words every time I took a bite of these Strawberries and Cream Scones.  I picked them for dinner because my hubby had a doctor’s appointment right after work and wasn’t going to be home until later (and not only are these more my thing than his, but one batch of scones doesn’t feed all five of us so well anymore).  Because of that same doctor’s appointment, however, I decided to shower my girlies while the scones were baking, instead of after dinner (thus maximizing time with Daddy, since he’ll be gone later in the week).  And because I was showering the girlies, I didn’t monitor the scones while they were in the oven, and because I didn’t monitor them, I didn’t notice how brown they were getting until I opened the oven door with less than two minutes left.

Let’s just say that while they weren’t exactly burnt–not exactly–I literally thought about what might have been with every single bite.  Because it was COMPLETELY obvious that they would have been AMAZING if they had come out of the oven about five minutes earlier.  For want of five minutes…but now I’m mixing my allusions.  Sufficeth it to say, you should absolutely try these at home, but please keep an eye on them.

Don’t let them get so brown that only my father would prefer them that way.


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