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Tonight my hubby was going to take the girlies to see their cousin dance at a nearby high school, only I didn’t see the texts from my sister-in-law warning me that things were moving along ahead of schedule.  By the time he got home from work and texted her himself, there wasn’t quite time for him to get there before our niece’s dance was done, and so we invited them over for ice cream instead.

When I explained this to the girlies, my oldest was a little disappointed but mostly okay with it (especially since they can still go and see her cousin’s team performance tomorrow).  My middle was more disappointed but looked forward to them coming with great enthusiasm.  

And then they came.  And it was fun for everyone else, but the whole family was there, and my middle doesn’t love big groups of people–she just wanted to play with her dancer-cousin.  Who is five years or more older than she is.  

(I should mention at this point that both my girls were up before 7 this morning.  My oldest had a field trip and presumably walked a lot, but she thrives on social situations, especially when she’s tired.  (She’s more likely to break down once everyone leaves.)  My middle was also tired, and she becomes LESS social accordingly.)  Predictably, she didn’t love the crowd, and when her cousins had to leave for the awards ceremony, she was just so sad that she ‘didn’t get to play.’  (I think she didn’t like what everyone else was doing, but she was the youngest there by almost three years, not counting my 21-month-old wandering around.)  I had to get sharp with her to get her to finish getting ready for bed, and my poor kiddo was just so tired.  She sat on my lap, with her arms and legs wrapped around me, while I sang her goodnight song to her, and I tucked her in with Care Bear, Dukey, AND her Hello Kitty.  Her poor little trembling lips!  She is a master of drama, don’t get me wrong, but she’s also a sensitive little soul, and in that moment I just wanted to snuggle her forever.

And then I got to snuggle her sister while I sang HER goodnight song.  And then my boy, who is talking more and more recognizably every day. They are all sleeping peacefully now.

I am grateful for my children.

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