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My Potato Chip Streak

Does anybody else out there go on streaks when it comes to junk food?

I should preface this by reassuring all and sundry that my mother raised me to eat real food, and I am, in fact, a three-meals-of-real-food-a-day kind of person.  Because my body wants it and needs it.  On the other hand, I have this metabolism from my dad’s side of the family, and so I still find room for junk (which I try to eat unobserved, both because I want my kids to develop GOOD habits first, and because I don’t want to share.) There was a Laffy Taffy phase years ago, and a peanut butter m&m phase that morphed into a Reese’s Pieces phase, and–well, you get the idea. Anyway.  I am currently in more of a salty phase, and my junk of choice (lately) is Kettle Cooked Lays (partly because you don’t see Cape Cod Chips in Utah).  Not plain, though.  I favor Salt and Vinegar over anything else, but I’ve also enjoyed the Maui Onion and the Sun-Dried Tomato and Parmesan.  (Not so much the Applewood Smoked BBQ.)  I don’t do spicy, so I won’t be trying the Jalapeno any time this century, but I’ve been contemplating the Sharp Cheddar.  Anyone else tried them?  Are they good?

By the way, Costco sells–is it Kettle brand potato chips?  I once found Zesty Ranch there and loved them, but I can’t find that flavor anymore. Since I’m not into plain OR anything with cracked pepper, I’ve been thwarted there ever since.

It’s a tragedy.

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