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The Unforeseen Consequences of Assigned Reading…

Tonight my oldest–the food lover–was expounding on things we could have for dinner in the near future.  She was by far the most hopefully animated when she pointed out that “we haven’t had BLTs in a while!”  (This is true, by the way.)  I pointed out to her that BLTs are a hot weather meal, not so much a “getting warmer” weather meal, and that tonight’s meal was using up the last of a package of bacon.  BLTs for the family now require at LEAST an entire package of bacon.  Her response?

“I know!  We can get a pig, and it can have babies, and we can sell all of the babies but one, and we’ll raise that one, and then we’ll have more bacon!”

After a second or two of bafflement, I remembered.  Oh, yeah, she’s reading Charlotte’s Web in school.  At which point I pointed out that we may not be zoned for pigs in our suburb, and also, daughter with my freakish sense of smell, pigs are smellier than the horses up the road.  (I did NOT say that Mommy has NO DESIRE to raise a pig, but Daddy helpfully pointed out that it might be problematic to raise something as sort of a pet and then eat it.)  What really killed me, however, is the fact that THIS is what she’s taking from Charlotte’s Web.  On the bright side, as my sister pointed out, she’s a problem solver, right?  But…but…come on!   The whole point is that Charlotte is trying to SAVE Wilbur from getting eaten!  And ultimately succeeds!  (I suppose that counts as a spoiler, and if there is ANYONE out there reading this blog who has never read Charlotte’s Web, I offer my abject apologies for not alerting you beforehand.)  You’re supposed to want the pig to live, right?

Not my daughter, apparently.  At least, not enough to give up BLTs.

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