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A Slightly Multicultural Day

Very, slightly, really.  But I did just finish The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon, which is Alexander McCall Smith’s latest addition to his ‘No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency’ series, and I quite enjoyed it.  It can be enchanting to fall into a culture that is quite distinctly different from your own, and that is what this series does for me.  Africa is a different world, and it’s fascinating to see the differences in how people talk with each other, how people view the world, and what people do on a daily basis.  Who doesn’t love to travel by book in the evenings, especially when you’re not exactly in a stage of life conducive to doing the real thing?  (And really, if I listen to my skin and my inner thermostat, I may never get to Africa.  I DO NOT like to be hot, and the stronger the sun, the more I hate it.)  If you haven’t read this series, give it a try!

Anyway, my other slightly multicultural experiences barely qualifies, and it didn’t go over as well as I really think it should have!  I tried Mel’s Cheesy Chicken Quesadilla Pie for dinner, and none of the kiddos loved it.  It’s true that they all had a late lunch, and the boy’s appetite is on the fritz again, but still!  My hubby and I both liked it, and it’s really quite rare for us both to like something that none of the kids eats well.  It’s a simple recipe with basic (but yummy) flavors, and I still recommend it.

(To be fair, we had brunch at a friend’s house to celebrate her now-four-year-old’s birthday, and it might just be hard to salvage the day when you start off with brownie batter pancakes topped with strawberries, Cool Whip, and jimmies.  (That’s chocolate sprinkles to the rest of the world.)  I’d post that recipe, but I haven’t gotten it from her yet.)


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