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One of THOSE Recipes

And by THOSE, I mean the kind of recipes that are fine–not amazingly delicious, not at all bad, but fine–and totally worth keeping, because they are EASY and the kids ALL ATE IT HAPPILY.  (Ok, I promise, I’ll give Caps Lock a rest now.)  But you guys have those recipes too, right?  The kind that aren’t overwhelmingly incredible, aren’t really underwhelming…(can something be just “whelming”?)  Anyway, that’s how I felt about this 20 Minute Skillet Lasagna recipe, which, by the way, was neither a true skillet meal (which I define as being made all in the same, you know, skillet) nor lasagna (bow ties instead of lasagna noodles–farfalle if we want to be precise!–and only mozzarella cheese, and sour cream).  It didn’t taste like lasagna, particularly, but it was tomato sauce-y and a little creamy and meaty and it was pasta, and it’s pretty hard to mess up that combination so badly that I don’t still enjoy it.  I did change out the Italian seasoning for just basil and oregano–we don’t care for thyme and I prefer to grind up my rosemary so it doesn’t feel like you’re eating pine needles (which I would have done if I’d had the time!)–but otherwise I made it as is.  (Unless, of course, you count looking in the sour cream container, realizing there was less than a half a cup but not much less, and just dumping it all in.)  And both girlies gave it a thumbs up.  The Boy ate it perfectly happily as well, and so it’s going in the ‘quick and easy and successful dinner’ pile.

So to speak.

(Really, it just means it’s getting moved to my “Keeper Recipes” board on Pinterest.)


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