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Soup and a REALLY Good Book

For dinner tonight I made Mel’s Roasted Cauliflower and White Cheddar Soup, partly because a small block of white cheddar reached out and attacked me at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago, and partly because my husband was going to be working late (he really, really doesn’t like cauliflower).  And I’m torn.  I LOVED the flavor–loved it–and I’d like to make it again, but none of my kids was super enthusiastic about it, and since I know my husband wouldn’t like it either…what do you do, right?  For those interested, I used a scant half teaspoon of marjoram instead of the thyme–we’re just not a thyme household–and I used evaporated milk instead of regular, but those are easy changes to make.  What I wish I HADN’T changed was the blending method.  I used a hand blender, figuring it was easier, and the texture wasn’t quite to my liking.  I would have preferred blending some until truly smooth (if that’s possible without a $500 blender) and leaving the rest, which is more what she suggests.  Try it if you will.

What I ALSO did tonight was finish an absolutely beautiful book called All the Broken Pieces.  It’s a first novel, which is awesome, and a verse novel, which I do really enjoy, and it tells the story of a boy whose mother convinced the American soldiers to take him when our helicopters left Saigon.  He was adopted by good people and is loved and well cared for, but he’s never shared his memories of the life he left behind with anyone.  He’s also never forgotten.  As he starts to widen the circle of people he interacts with, however, he sees the different ways in which Vietnam has affected those around him.  I cried more than once, but the ending was hopeful and satisfying.  The whole thing was beautiful, and a bit less painful to read than Inside Out & Back Again, although that is also beautiful.  Go read it.  You’ll be glad you did!

All the Broken Pieces

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