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Mmmmmm, Asparagus.

I was wandering around in the produce department at the grocery store today, and what do you think I saw?  Asparagus for $1.69 a pound, baby!  Wahoo!  (Of course, I looked through my weekly ads just now and saw it for $1.39 a pound at a closer grocery store, but we’re just going to file that information away for future use.)  Anyway, I hadn’t finalized my dinner plans by then, and when I saw the asparagus–the fat kind, which roasts so nicely–it was kismet.  And so we had Mel’s Penne with Roasted Asparagus and Balsamic Butter, just because we could.  (No one enjoys this as much as I do, unfortunately, but it’s hardly the recipe’s fault.  My two younger ones don’t care for asparagus, my older one prefers it as a separate side dish with our favorite Balsamic drizzle, and my husband isn’t much into pasta.)  Guess who’s not sharing the leftovers?  Furthermore, guess who gets to try ANOTHER asparagus recipe with the other two pounds sitting in the fridge?  If I’m really lucky, my friend and I can make this Asparagus Leek Chowder, without pimientos (why obscure the other lovely flavors going on?) and with evaporated milk instead of half and half.  And with rice flour, since she got diagnosed with Celiac a couple of years ago.  (We used to cook together quite a bit, which I miss; it’s more complicated now.)  If you live somewhere with great asparagus sales going on this week, you should try one of these.

Or you could make your own favorite asparagus recipes and share them with me.  That works, too.  I’ll just be sitting here browsing my asparagus-containing pins on Pinterest until the price goes up again.


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