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A Dinner Experiment and a New Guilty Pleasure

I was looking for something different to make for dinner tonight–something that DIDN’T involve any big hunks of meat, since I got nothing out of the freezer to thaw last night–and after reviewing a few of my 10,000,000 food pins on Pinterest (that’s only slightly exaggerated), I decided to try this Cheesy Quinoa Casserole.  I halved it for my family, of course; I say of course because I doubled the last new casserole recipe I tried, IN CASE it didn’t make enough, and that worked out so well that I ended up freezing more than one container of it to feed to my toddler (the ONLY family member who ate it with enjoyment).  After that debacle, I decided that instead of doubling an untried recipe, I’d just serve banana bread on the side (read:  something filling that everyone likes).  Besides halving it, I also added some diced ham (a cup and a half for the halved recipe), because really, why bother serving a casserole as only a side dish when cheese and broccoli practically beg for ham?  The consensus was as follows:

Mommy and the 19-month-old:  Thumbs Up!

Daddy:  Thumbs Middle

7 year old:  Initial dislike which morphed into “maybe I like it a little bit”

4 1/2 year old:  Initial thumbs up which quickly descended into Mommy having to feed her every other bite (I’d worry more about that, but really, from this one, the initial thumbs up was the surprising part of the meal.)

A keeper recipe?  Hard to say.  We’ll see how the 7 year old feels about the leftovers…

My other venture into the unknown tonight involved someone sharing “Thug Notes” on Facebook.  Has anyone ever seen any of these book summaries/analyses?  I’m torn between not at all loving the language but being highly entertained by the concept (and the execution).  If you can deal with some language, try them out on Youtube when the kiddos aren’t around.  They’ll make you giggle.

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