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Back to Real Life

And….we’re back!  More specifically, we’re back from a VERY brief (read:  less than 24 hours) belated anniversary trip sans children.  (Just so you know, don’t get married on December 30th if you want to celebrate your anniversary ON your anniversary every year.)  And it was heavenly, I must say.  We wandered around little stores for a while, we went out to dinner, we watched the pilot of Sherlock, and we SLEPT IN.  Without, you know, staring at the clock and thinking–is that the baby?  Is he awake?  Is he going to wake up his sisters?  Or, in the case of complete quiet past 7:30–are they really all still asleep?  Does this mean the baby’s diaper’s leaking?  Will I have to change the jammies, or just the onesie?

It was heavenly.  Because not only did we get a break from everyday life, I knew my children were being loved (and spoiled!) by Grandma, and I got to come home to squeezes all around.  Life is good.

I also finished a book, started a book, and bought a book.  What’s not to love?  I finished the last book in the All-of-a-Kind Family series, which is a fun period series for children up UNTIL the last book.  The last one is still written for children–stylistically, with illustrations–but the plot is firmly an older teenager plot.  A dedicated-to-finishing-the-series young reader is going to read it, shrug, and forget about it.  A not-so-dedicated-to-series-completion young reader is probably not going to bother.  Anyway.  I am LOVING the book I started, but I’ll wait to review it until I’m done, with leaves me with my purchase (a belated anniversary present, I told my husband.  He told me that if I was getting a book he was getting fancy chocolate, since the store billed itself as a bookery, chocolaterie, and…something else that was clearly not quite as memorable.  I told him I was good with that.)  I pulled “Y is for Yorick:  A Slightly Irreverent Shakespearean ABC Book for Grown-Ups” off the shelf to browse, and I fell in love.  In fact, I’m going to leave you with a couple of excerpts from it, because when my hubby gets home from working late I’m hoping to finish the second episode of Sherlock, and there will only be time for that if I’m ready for bed!

“D is for Desdemona.  Desdemona was a virtuous and beautiful woman.  Many people admire her for choosing her own husband rather than letting her father arrange the marriage.  Unfortunately, it did not turn out too well for her in the end.”

“H is for Hamlet.  Hamlet was a young man who had a hard time making decisions.  He was also a prince.  Young people should not be like Hamlet, who was responsible for the deaths of his fiance, future father-in-law, brother-in-law, stepfather, and mother, all because he had a lot of trouble with follow-through.”  (Please pretend that fiance has the appropriate accent mark.)

“P is also for Prospero.  Prospero was a bit of a control freak who liked the special effects.  But who knows what any of us would do with unlimited time on a deserted island and a book of magical spells?”

For more, go buy the book!

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